Ford 7610 & McConnell Hedge Trimmer
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The PA2050 Hy-Reach have a 5m (16' 5") reach and is fitted with Parallel Arm Geometry, along with a newly designed high-located rocker pillar. This in turn creates unrivaled arm geometry for hedge and verge cutting. The agile PA2050 Hy-Reach offers a wheel and tractor cab tight cutting experience for those working in the narrowest
The PA2050 Hy-Reach has the 1.2m Supercut flailheads fitted with adjustable rear roller and rubber flap, adjustable front hood with wire trap.
The control systems on the PA2050 Hy-Reach are  progressive cable controls.
A compact transport position is achieved within the tractors width by using the Power Slew ram to position the flailhead behind the tractor.
The power slew control also enables cutting into awkward corners and otherwise inaccessible areas and allows a safety breakaway of 95 degrees with hydraulic auto-reset for safeguards the machine.
Totally Independent hydraulic system complete with 54 hp  Cast Iron Hy-Power pumps and motors supply incredible power to the flail circuit for increased performance for heavier hedge cutting and particularly grass mowing where extra torque is needed.
The PA 2050 is bracket
mounted on a 100 hp Ford 7610 4 wheel drive giving
adequate power and weight
to work on most ground

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